About Us

Nuvo Niche is a Amsterdam based label, with a brick & mortar location that you find in the Jordaan district along the beautiful Prinsengracht canal, touching the charming and happening 9 streets shopping district. Our store may be only around for two and some years, but the team behind it is around for a long time designing and creating in the Netherlands and abroad.

We are always brainstorming and like to create items that get your attention, and it does!

Our in-house clothing label RESIDENT is exclusively available at our location and online. We design limited edition t-shirts and sweatshirts that became popular instantly. All are made from high quality, and never mass produced! Additional range of fashionable items are added to this collection to complete your wardrobe.

Our decor collection under the name Nuvo Niche carries velvet cushion, scented candles, and other small decorations. As an edition we select exciting local, international decor and design brands. All this is presented in an ever-changing decor setting, with a mix of contemporary & vintage moods, which includes a beautiful indoor green area.


We welcome you 7 days a week, hope to see you soon!

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