Jordaan Original

Welcome to the Jordaan

The sun reflects off the canals, the fresh smell of flowers is in the air, you see an interesting gallery on the corner, while the sound of the Westertower bells chime... 

Stroll through the beautiful Jordaan district, a Amsterdam neighborhood where you can wander for hours discovering interesting new places, where you hear typical anecdotes from back in the days, where a village feeling stays preserved…



Prinsengracht 232

Our 'THE JORDAAN' original sweatshirt is a hommage and reflects this Amsterdam neigborhood with a design as timeless as this district. Historical, but at the same packed with energy from a new generation of inhabitants. The many visitors from around the world and the long time locals keep this beautiful district vibrant and alive.

The Jordaan original sweatshirt is a unisex fit that looks great on women, men, girls and boys. Designed and produced locally from high quality fabrics with contemporary font and original logo.

With this shirt you tell a story, start a conversation, most, you RESPRESENT !


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